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Prisoners play by one of two roles. They can either comply with the warden and follow his instructions or rebel in an effort to abdicate him. At the start of each round, all prisoners are considered to be in compliance; however, being caught disregarding the warden’s instructions by the warden himself or any of his guards renders the infringing prisoner as rebelling. Other rebellious actions include but are not limited to entering restricted areas and acquiring weapons. When rebelling, prisoners are condemned to death. They must be actively seeking and killing the warden and his guards or soliciting the warden’s pardon.


Guards must comply to all of the warden’s orders while also subduing rebelling prisoners, whether that entails killing them or requesting pardons for them. Guards are not authorized to issue orders, they may only do so with warden discretion.


The warden is the only guard who may administer orders. Each round, the warden must avidly enforce a game-day, sometimes dependent on the preceding round's last request. Depending on the type of game-day, there may or may not be a last request. When applicable, a last request must be granted to the last remaining prisoner on the condition that they are not rebelling. After the last request is granted, the warden must afford the prisoner death requests. Granting the last request is the warden’s paramount objective. If no compliant prisoners remain, the warden may pardon rebelling prisoners via his own discretion.

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