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[PENDING] Mod - Tiberium


USERNAME : {Steam: Tiberium}
                   {Discord: Tiberium#6246}
ALIASES : [Shad0w, Kark4nd, Tiberium]
STEAMID : {STEAM_1:1:53696565}


HOURS ON ENATIC : {5 (including Skyz about 300 more)}
HOURS ON GMOD : {2765 at time of writing}
HOURS AVAILABLE : [Weekdays: 4:45 pm MST]
                              {Weekends: 8 - 10:00 am MST}



POSITION : {Community Moderator}

REASON FOR APPLYING : The reason why I wish to moderate for Enatic is to enhance my skills as a staff member. Though the server's community is small, I plan on setting up many fun events from many gaming platforms (mainly on Xbox and older games on PC), bettering the experience on the Discord and forums by suggesting and adding new features, and making new friends along the way!. Before I left Garry's Mod, I was in Skyz Gaming. Though I wasn't the best member on there, I was pretty "well-known" on my standards.

SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONS : I have had prior moderation experience, my most major one coming from the Dead MP Games Resurrection Group, a group that (obviously) is devoted to revving and replaying older and lesser known video games on PC. The group has 7000+ people, and is still active with people even suggesting new games and setting up events for older ones. Other than that, I have also had experience in smaller Discord servers, ranging from 40 - 100 members at once. I am okay under pressure, but that is something I can try and fix along the way.

DETAIL ANY HOBBIES : I have a passion for playing older games, you'll probably catch me playing Half-Life or id Software games from time to time. I love to code, my languages being with C, Java, and vice versa. I love to emulate other video games. I am very involved in the Xbox homebrewing scene, helping developers make emulators for the system.

ANYTHING ELSE : Feeling alone, have no one to talk to, maybe you need to vent? I'm here to come help! Shoot me a DM. I love everyone all the same! Smile
They're waiting for you Gordon...

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