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[DENIED] Mod - Ith


STEAMID : {STEAM_0:0:183278090}


HOURS AVAILABLE : [variable]


POSITION : {mod}
REASON FOR APPLYING : I find this server to be fun and entertaining when I play. My ping doesn't help but I still have fun when I am just in spec. I already enjoy this server a lot and I'm looking forward to what's coming. I want this community to last a long time. People just need to have some fun and enjoy themselves a little. 
SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONS  : Good and taking leadership when needed. Okay at listening to what others have to say and value their opinions. 
ANYTHING ELSE : My ping is not good on the server... Lag City. I have sufficient hours on Skyz.
This post has been deleted.

I'm going to be completely honest in my review of your performance and history:

Seeing you apply for Enatic Jail Break Staff surprises me, in a negative way.

My personal observance of an applying staff member is to observe their behavior towards other members on the server / in the community, and the way they work on the server in a technical and staffing position.

 Taking back to you being on the Skyz Staff Team, I never appreciated the way to staffed, let alone treated others in the community, whether they were active members, staff members, or even walk on random members. You always talked down to people and held yourself at a high platform, yet never acknowledged the gratitude and politeness of others. You became very ignorant to the big picture. It was never a joy to see you become power hungry and ruin the moods of every person that came in tact with you. 

On to the Staffing side of Skyz, I always thought of you to be lazy and uncommitted. Many people in server expressed a feeling of being 'uncomfortable' upon your connection. The way I saw you handle situations lead me to think low of you, and in my eyes never grew out of the habit. I cannot recall a time where you were in the wrong, and owned up to it. It was always the same conundrum of you finding away around to be in the right, even in the most pathetic ways. 

Maybe if you were to clean up these critiques, and possibly prove yourself, you will have a better chance of earning my vote than you do right now. Best of luck.

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