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[ACCEPTED] Mod - Faffy Waffle


USERNAME : {Faffy Waffle}
STEAMID : {STEAM_0:1:42243220}


HOURS ON GMOD : {1,959}


POSITION : {mod}
REASON FOR APPLYING : I was intrigued by how the server is being managed and wanted to wait it out, but now seeing how it’s slowly growing and becoming more populated each day. I decided to wing the idea of being a moderator.
SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONSMultiple past experiences when it comes to staffing: I.E: Being a Mentor/Moderator on servers such as The Cube, Hexteria, and Skyz’ Jailbreak. 
DETAIL ANY HOBBIES : I like nice long walks on the beach and listening to fantabulous moosic. Uhhh, I also enjoy Garry’s Mod, gaming, being a staff member, and listening to music. Also walks on the beach while the sun is setting.
ANYTHING ELSEI love K-Pop. #STANTZUYU 119 hrs on Skyz

Hey Faffy thanks for applying. I will be reviewing your application and give my own thoughts to show whether or not you are capable of receiving the moderator position.

Before I start however, I will try to remain neutral during the review to give everyone a fair chance.

To start, I already know you are more than enough qualified since 2014 when I saw your moderation performances, as you possessed many attributes such as:

-Conifidence in Moderating even under pressure 
-Very well known and immediately recognized in both Skyz and Enatic
-Has years of Experience for about 4-5 years now 
-Adapts to situations carefully
-Knows the rules very well
-Friendly to all members

These attributes are definitely I want to see from a moderator and I see you will have no problems while performing them.

Of course you have your detriments that you can always approve:

-Try to listen your peers sometimes
-Be sure to properly communicate on how you feel about the situation in BTS
-try to converse with your peers sometimes 
-Sometimes you can be too quick to judge on some situations without giving it a chance to play out

It's not much of a problem for some of them but try to work on those if you can. It will help in a long run.

This review was done on mobile so there will be some grammar issues.

This concludes the review, you have a damn good chance on getting a Mod position. Best of luck my friend.

[Image: Vrooper.gif]

what a queeen. definitely exceeds the requirements to become staff, but just as vrop said, try to be serious more at times.

good luck to my fav queen

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