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[ACCEPTED] Mod - I Don't Like Birds


USERNAME : {I Don't Like Birds}
ALIASES : [Birds, CeramicButton7]
STEAMID : {STEAM_0:0:210300336}

HOURS ON GMOD : {2243}
HOURS AVAILABLE : [4 pm-12 am Mon-Fri]


POSITION : {mod}
REASON FOR APPLYING : Come on, I'm birds, you know me, I applied literally every month back on Skyz. I've always wanted to be a staff member and contribute to the server. I'm very invested in it, and I help players with the rules all the time regardless of whether or not I’m staff anyway. I want to be a staff member so that I can have the tools to sufficiently regulate the server at all times, and make sure the game is fun for everyone. I love this server and the people on it, just as much as Skyz, and I want it to strive and become a popular and fun server.
SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONS : I believe I am ready to be staff on this server. I am extremely experienced in Jail Break, having nearly 300 hours in the game mode, and spending 3-4 months strait playing on Skyz before it shut down. I know all the rules of the server, as I watched and helped Eni create them over the last few weeks. I know all the regulars, and I know/am friends with all the Jailbreak staff. In fact, both Dwight (An admin) and Eni (The owner) have both recommended me for the position and have directly told me they believe I am ready for it. Along with all of those, I am currently one of the most active non-staff members on the server (Along with Spar). I’ve been on the server almost every day possible directing players and playing the game. While I have been known to be immature, I definitely have limited that since my early Skyz days, and it will be extremely toned down if I were to ever get a staff position.
DETAIL ANY HOBBIES : TF2, JB, Video Gaming in general, Video Editing, YouTube, Speedrunning Portal (My PB is 19:19), Collecting, and The Office. that’s all I’m willing to flesh this out so I don’t go past the character limit.
ANYTHING ELSE : All hail the real oner of this server, Puranium. "shit the fuck up im englknd"
"Ceramic Cunt"
-Enigmous 2018

double thumbs up, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

very committed to the server, dedication is key and he's full of it.

best of luck cutie.

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fukin taco, good luck bucko なす
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(02-03-2019, 09:59 PM)austin Wrote: best of luck cutie.

thanks uwu

but also curse you for cutting my post in half
"Ceramic Cunt"
-Enigmous 2018

Birds, I really think you deserve staff.  Just dont shit post anymore and you may be accepted.  K thanks bye
"I wanna be whipped while doing a day" - Spar 2019

(02-03-2019, 10:07 PM)_Spar Wrote: Just dont shit post anymore and you may be accepted.

That'll never happen >:) /s
"Ceramic Cunt"
-Enigmous 2018

Hi Birds, thanks for taking the time to write your application, I will note down everything about your positives and negatives attributes that you can work with/on.

You're driven dedication and acknowledgment on Jailbreak as a whole is very substantial and beneficial for you to become staff. I never understood why you were never apart of the moderation team on Skyz, considering positive attributes such as:

-Understanding rules and encouraging them to new users
-Friendly with all players
-Activity far greater than most people on Skyz
-Self dedication on both communities on being a genuine good member and becoming a Moderator
-Experience with Jailbreak as a whole when it comes to its fundamentals and basic rules

The only thing you could work with is to get use to know more about the Moderation management, as it requires you to be less "memeful" and be mature in situations, but with proper training and growing experience, you'll get your foot in the door in no time.

Overall, you have good potential of joining the staff team if you're just as dedicated as you were before. Good luck Birds, you deserve it!
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